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BettyLou DeCroce — On The Issues | DeCroce for Assembly

BettyLou DeCroce for Assembly

BettyLou DeCroce — On The Issues

“The things I stand for and will fight for.”

I. Parental Rights in Education:

As a mother and grandmother, I want moms, dads, and grandparents of school-age children to have a say in what children learn in school. We pay school taxes. We pay the salaries of the superintendent and principals. And we pay the salaries and costs incurred by the NJ Department of Education. They work for us. They cannot and should not be allowed to dictate to us what our children must learn in the classroom. They cannot be allowed to ram their woke agenda down our throats and then call us “domestic terrorists” when we object to what they are teaching our sons and daughters.

Among the things I will fight for in the NJ Assembly are:

  • Curriculum transparency so every parent knows what their child is learning and reading. Curriculums must be posted online in every school district in the state.
  • Greater transparency from the state Education Department and the state Board of Education. There are 13 members on the board who are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the New Jersey State Senate. In other words, they are appointed by Democrats. That must change; we need a bipartisan Board. I will introduce legislation to make the Board bipartisan.
  • The State board must be more accessible. They meet at 9 am in Trenton. Who is available at 9 am to go to Trenton? I will author legislation that the State BOE meetings be held outside of Trenton, moved from county to county and at times that parents can conveniently attend.

II. I Am an Advocate for Fair School Funding

I was one of the first and most persistent critics of the way New Jersey school funding is allocated and how districts spend the taxpayers’ money. I asked for state audits of our biggest line item. No Democrats and few Republicans — even those calling themselves “conservatives” — wanted to take on that fight. I will.

The current education funding formula punishes small suburban districts and doles out hundreds of  millions to big, wasteful, underperforming urban districts. Do you know that the city of Passaic with a population of about 70,000 gets about $80 million MORE in school aid than all of Morris County gets (with a population of over 500,000). Half of Passaic County’s school aid goes to Paterson ($495 million), while the City of Passaic received $272 million this year.

Fairer distributions of school funding will help lower property taxes for everyone in District 26.

Republicans must fight to change the state education funding formula even if it means suing the state and taking our case to the U.S. Supreme Court. I will lead that fight

III. I’ll Fight to Overturn Gov. Murphy’s Transgender Sanctuary State Order

In April, Gov. Phil Murphy declared that New Jersey is a sanctuary state for transgender medical procedures in EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 326.

The order is an outrageous affront to those of us who want to protect vulnerable, often confused children from the pressure they are under to change their sexual identity. Woke evangelists and social media opinion makers play a startling role in pushing children to entering the transgender life, often with dire consequences (see video below).

According to one report, nearly one in five people who identify as transgender are ages 13-17. Their lives have barely begun.

Murphy’s order makes “gender-affirming health care” a right. What is gender affirming health care. Surgery, hormone replace therapy, and other treatments. 

Nowhere in Executive Order 326 does is say that the “non-binary” person must be an adult or need parental permission to undergo “gender affirming healthcare”. So, hormone therapy, the stopping of puberty, or the injection of testosterone into a girl – and even sex-altering surgery – is allowed in NJ.   Surgery includes breast augmentation, facial feminization, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, vaginectomy, and chest reconstruction.

In N.J. you have to be 18 to get a tattoo or have parental permission. But thanks to Murphy’s woke executive order, 13-year-olds can make life altering medical decisions. 

As your Assemblywoman, I vow to overturn Murphy’s Transgender Sanctuary State edict. I want to protect the lives of the vulnerable and confused children. We must work together, amass petitions, and put the governor’s sanctuary state edicts on the ballot and let voters decide.  

Transgender regrets: Watch the video below. 

Governor’s Executive Order on Transgender Sanctuary State:


IV. I Support Using Utilities Energy Taxes to Lower Local Property Taxes

Utility companies in NJ pay a utility franchise tax that was originally meant to be create a fund that went 100% to municipalities for hosting utility infrastructure. In the 1980’s, the state took control over the collection and distribution of the various energy taxes. As a result, municipalities began receiving less than 100% of these taxes collected; the state took the money it was entitled to.

The state is using the energy franchise tax money to balance the state budget. That money rightfully belongs to the municipalities to help them with their budgets. Much of what the state calls municipal aid is simply money that belongs to the municipalities in the first place. 

Mayors and local governing bodies are always being asked to trim spending and cut programs or jobs to help lower property taxes — while the state Democrats rarely, if ever, cut spending.  

I support the fight to reinstate returning 100% of the energy tax money to the municipalities. The infusion of energy tax monies will help your town cut spending or maintain programs without having to raise taxes. I support the NJ League of Municipalities position on the energy franchise tax.

V. I Am Pro-Business 

I have fought for businesses throughout my career in and out of elected office and I will continue to do so. I am a small business owner and I know how  difficult it is to be successful in NJ. Businesses owners are hindered by government red tape, fees, taxes and mandates forced on them by legislators and bureaucrats who never ran a business or hired an employee.

Few people in Trenton have any real business experience and it shows in our laws. 

I do

One thing I am very strident about right now is the elimination of the state’s corporate tax surcharge. The surcharge was a bad idea when it was implemented; it’s a bad idea now and it should be eliminated. Unfortunately, liberals are lobbying the governor to continue the tax which makes NJ less competitive nationally. Liberals want more tax money to waste on their unproductive agenda.

I will continue to fight for lower business taxes and less regulation. If we want to create jobs in NJ, or keep the ones we have, we must have a competitive tax structure.

VI. Crime & Safety  

Earlier this year, various police agencies busted a drug and gun distribution network in Morristown and arrested four people. They seized a half pound of cocaine, 2.5 pounds of fentanyl, and multiple bricks of heroin.

This didn’t happen in Newark or Paterson; it happened right here in Morristown. The drugs that are coming over our southern border are a danger to all of us in New Jersey — no matter where we live. The mother in Newark who loses a child to fentanyl poisoning is just as distraught as the mother from Parsippany who loses her son. We cannot tolerate crime in one place and get angry when it happens in another.

I will go to Trenton and – as I did previously – and fight for crime victims, but I will go further: I want to make sure we have fewer crime victims.  

We must make sure that criminals are punished – not excused. We must support our police and give them the resources needed to create safe communities everywhere.   

Our public safety is being endangered by woke policies that allow criminals to run free in our communities.

I am pro-law enforcement and I am not afraid to say it and to act on what I believe.

VI. End NJ’s Sanctuary State Status

Chaos at America’s southern border is breeding crime throughout the nation. Illegal immigrants are storming into our county. Among them are drug smugglers and those who traffic in human slavery.  Women and girls are being exploited; people are dying of fentanyl poisoning. Our cities are being overrun my people who broke into American illegally. And our federal government is doing little to stop it.

What does NJ do about illegal immigrants?  It hangs out a Welcome sign to the people who broke into our nation.

Once here, the illegals are treated to a host of taxpayer-funded benefits including free legal services, free healthcare, tax refunds, and many other privileges courtesy of Garden State taxpayers. Illegals now get driver’s licenses, and can get professional licenses so they can compete with legal citizens for good paying jobs.

Thanks to Gov. Murphy, New Jersey is using taxpayer money to pay for illegal immigrants to fight extradition by the federal government. To make it harder to arrest illegal immigrants, the state attorney general decreed in 2018 that New Jersey police officers and sheriffs be severely restricted in their ability to coordinate with federal immigration authorities to arrest and detain illegal immigrants. 

Senior citizens who paid taxes for 40, 50, or 60 years cannot afford to live in New Jersey, but illegal immigrants benefit from their tax money.

That’s a terrible injustice to our citizens – one that I will fight to correct when I am elected to the State Assembly.

VII. Let’s Educate Our Children to Respect America — Not Give Them Woke Lessons in Disinformation  

American young people are embracing socialism without really understanding what it means. A Gallup poll reported that 51% of Americans aged 18 to 29 have a positive view of socialism, compared to 45% having a positive view of capitalism.

Another study found more than a third of millennials in the U.S. now approve of communism.

I find it alarming that young people are not taught the  destruction of personal and political liberty arises from extreme socialist and communist regimes. It is shocking that young people do not understand that their economic liberty, the well-paying jobs they and their parents have are the result of less government, not more.   

If elected, I want to change the school curriculum to teach students the evils of communism, similar to the law that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis got approved in his state. The curriculum changes in Florida require public school students to observe “Victims of Communism Day” each year and to learn how destructive both communism and severe socialism are to personal and economic liberty.

New Jersey students should  learn the truth about radical leftist regimes and the horrors of communism in China, the Soviet Union, and Cuba, among others. These regime abuses are what the woke Democrats are trying to hide from our children as they teach them the “evils” of capitalism.

Unlike my opponent, Assemblyman Brian Bergen, who voted with the anti-American woke liberals to push through a horrific disinformation curriculum bill that steers our children toward leftist news sites and periodicals that promote socialism and communism. He is supporting the woke disinformation agenda. 

I want our school children to have access to conservative journalists and commentators – as well as books that tell the devastatingly cruel stories of Stalinism and the Castro regime in Cuba.  

I will craft legislation to teach students the dangers of socialist and communist regimes and how to recognize those who profit from the propaganda that derides capitalism.

VIII: I Will Oppose Climate Extremists

Climate extremists are pushing an agenda to shut down the use of fossil fuels and make us dependent on the whims of not-yet perfected renewable energy – and governor Murphy is leading the way.

The climate extremists are working right now to take away your gas stoves, based on sketchy, pseudo-science. They want to dictate how we live. See: Cooking with gas? Not if Governor Murphy’s plan goes through | Mulshine – nj.com. The gas stove scare has nothing to do with indoor air quality. That came along much later as a tactic to alarm the public about a non-threatening object.

On another front, the climate extremists are working with our state regulators on a mandate to force you to replace your home and business heating systems. The regulation on commercial buildings would require retrofitting heating systems to all electric. No cost estimates were offered in Trenton for boiler retrofits. However, independent estimates say the costs will be staggering –  nearly $17 billion; much of which will be paid by taxpayers to retrofit heating systems in public buildings. Retrofitting your home heating system to all electric will cost you thousands. Why is no one in Trenton telling you about the costs of this liberal policy? 

Offshore wind projects are being pushed on us as the solution to climate change. They are not; they are money-making ventures for Wall Street opportunists such as Gov. Murphy and his friends at Goldman Sachs. They want to make us dependent on unreliable wind and solar energy generation. Foreign corporations are industrializing our ocean for their monetary benefit. 

Let’s look at some facts:

  • After spending billions of dollars on wind farms, Germany has 28,443 wind turbines which  accounted for only 17% of the country’s gross electricity production. 
  • As a result of the heavy investment in wind, German households pay 43% more than the average paid on power bills in 27 other countries.
  • Earlier this year, Ireland put a moratorium on offshore wind production.
  • In January, PSE&G bowed out of the New Jersey Offshore wind project run by the Danish firm Orstead. No explanation was given. NJ’s liberal media never bothered to ask why.

New Jersey’s BPU so far has failed to give us reliable estimates on what the cost of offshore electricity will be for homeowners. Why?

Gov. Murphy and the climate extremists have no answers to these questions. Their agenda has little to do with saving the planet and a lot do with controlling our lives.

As your Assemblywoman, I will fight them and their policies that are not based in hard science and not practical. I will demand the state BPU present data on the real cost of energy produced by renewables. And I will push for answer on why the state is not entertaining more diverse energy alternatives.  

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